Linkucs cloud service

Cloud Virtual Office with Secretary Console

Premium Telecom Solutions

We offer service to help you start a virtual office business with minimum investment. Business starts within day only by providing live agents to answer and handle customer calls. Global service coverage with our flexible DID (direct number) connectivity to worldwide DID providers.


Assign DID for your virtual office customer

Manage Call with Secretary Console

Let your live agent answer the DID calls via IP phone (Softphone/Hardphone)


Agent can greet customer according to the information displayed on the console

Follow-up Action

Call can be transferred to customer phone number, voicemail, text message or e-mail


Set your own tariff for calls and you can generate billing report anytime

LinkUCS App

We offer LinkUCS App service to enhance user experience and generate revenue by providing call back and conference services. User can control the call forward number himself. He can also enjoy the visual vociemail and missed call alert services which come with the App.

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